1. Resources for the Rotation and Studying
  2. How to Prepare (Weekend Before Starting Rotation)
    • Review suturing videos on YouTube. Know this basic 2 handed knot at least:
    • You can also get a knot tying kit for free from Ethicon OR find them on the 8th floor GME office / 7th floor library. If you ask a surgical resident / nurse they would be happy to help you get some
    • Know how to scrub in. Practice scrubbing once before if you can.
    • Review the names of common surgical instruments. This can be found in the Surgical Recall book.
    • Know the layers of the abdominal wall
  3. Getting the Most Out of Your Rotation
    • Read about your cases before you go into the surgeries.
    • There will be a lot of standing around and doing nothing during some surgeries but be ready to help out with the scissors, suctioning, or holding the retractor and be alert in case they do need your help.
    • Before you scrub, check to make sure the scrub nurse has your gloves and gown in the OR. If not, get them. Offer to open them (sterily) if he/she is already scrubbed in
    • Write your name (your legal name) and medical student on the OR white board so the team knows who you are/can document your name in their records.
    • Get to know the scrub nurses’ names and KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS. They can be invaluable teammates or can make your month very difficult
    • Scrub for just a little longer than your resident/attending, but do not hold them up.
    • Don’t touch anything blue if you’re not sterile. Be aware of your entire body and where things are at all times.
    • Don’t get in anybody’s way at the OR table. On a few occasions I was in an awkward position retracting, standing next to the surgeon and he elbowed me in the face. We had to stop the surgery and he had to get a sterile sleeve to put over his arm. It is so awkward. Just try to avoid these types of situations at all cost.