Hi everyone. First, I want to say thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you find it helpful.

Who Am I?

I am currently an internal medicine resident in the United States. I did my undergrad at Cornell University where I studied Human Development. I played varsity softball at Cornell all 4 years. Due to my GPA, I decided to do a post-bac program. I was considering dual-degree programs (medicine + MPH) at the time so I decided to pursue the public health thing first. I went to Northwestern University and received a Master of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. I then worked for a year doing systemic reviews on various topics. During that second year off is when I applied to medical school. I attended Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA for medical school. Since starting at WesternU, I have held leadership positions both on campus and at the national level. I was also chosen as an NMM/OMM teaching fellow which is a scholarship program at my school where you stay on for an additional year and teach OMM (osteopathic manipulative medicine) to first and second year medical students.

Why Did I Start this Blog?

My class started a Facebook group prior to the beginning of school and it has been awesome. We share all kinds of things on there. Study break materials and study aid materials alike. Early on, during anatomy, I was a posting fiend. I posted lots of videos, mnemonics, and other resources. Some of it I found extremely helpful, but didn’t bookmark so I had to search through the posts on our Facebook group to find them. After a while, that got really annoying. Other people found a lot of what I was posting helpful too. We have a very active group wall so my posts would get lost pretty easily. For convenience sake, both for me and my classmates, I decided to start this blog. I figured students from other schools could also benefit and I figured why not put it out there.

Now that I am in the wards and in residency, I have posted more about my experiences, challenges, lessons learned, etc. I also have taken on other teaching ventures and decided to share those here as well as again they have proven to be very helpful to the students whom I provide the talks.

Thanks again for visiting. Happy studying.

Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. Thank you.



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