Welcome to the Wards

Welcome to your third year of medical school! This year brings a whole new, memorable, rewarding, and challenging journey that is completely unlike the last two years of medical school. Hopefully, you’ve made it through the boards with all fingers and toes still attached and you’ve had a chance to recover and get revved up for the coming year! Many career decisions will be made and many opportunities to see and do the things that originally brought you to medical school will be presented to you over the course of this year. You will deliver a baby or two, learn how to set up a central line, and comfort a patient at the time when he or she is most alone and afraid. From bringing new life into this world to comforting a patient as they die, this year will be quite memorable.

As amazing and challenging as this journey is, it is not a guided tour. By the end of June you will appreciate the importance of being a “self-guided learner.” No one will tell you exactly what is expected of you during your rotations, what you should study to prepare for daily tasks or for your shelf exams, or what it means to do well on your rotations. So, I have decided to make a “survival” guide to hopefully help orient you and make this transition a little less scary. In here you will find useful resources, expectations, daily activities, SOAP note examples, and much more all in hopes to make you feel a little better prepared walking into the first day of your next rotation.

Good luck!


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