Journal Club 1/21 (MI, Diagnostic Test, EKGs)

Hi all,

I love to teach, especially in small group settings and I have decided to form this group because of the deficiencies I felt and saw in myself and my peers on rotations, more specifically critically analyzing literature, understanding biostatistics, and evaluating diagnostic studies (imaging mainly).
My hope is to make you all feel a little more comfortable when you start rotations, or while you are on rotations, in the future.
Two things I hope that everyone takes away from this experience is 1) develop a system that works for you when reading diagnostic studies and 2) biostatistics isn’t as scary as you think it is.
So here are the documents for the first journal club.
1) Summary of Carlton et al. (2015) Identifying Patients Suitable for Discharge After a Single-Presentation High-Sensitivity Troponin Result: A Comparison of Five Established Risk Scores and Two High-Sensitivity Assays. Ann Emerg Med, 66(6), pp. 635–645.e1
2) Diagnostic tests (sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV)



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