There is nothin…

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.
-Ernest Hemingway

Recent events in my life have shown a different side of some of the people around me. Stress and personal preferences have seemed to get the better of them. With a flip of a switch, a few people became extremely selfish, entitled, demanding, and completely insensitive to their peers. This was all in regards to where we will be spending our third year of medical school. While I understand that it would be nice to be located in a certain region for this amazing step in our journey to becoming a doctor, it does not give you the right or privilege to think that your opinion or preferences are more important than anyone else’s. One of my biggest pet peeves is people feeling entitled. Maybe it is because of my background, but you should not feel like something is yours unless you worked your ass off for it. Beyond the basics, the world doesn’t owe you anything for just being alive. Humanity demands that we respect one another as human beings.

My educational endeavors have given me the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people and I am very grateful for those experiences. I feel it has provided me with an opportunity to observe many facets of human behavior and emotion. Combined with my personal , it has really shaped my perspective of the world and reminding myself to always stay grounded. What I realized is that my peers lost sight of the big picture. Next year, our third year of medical school, we all will be doing exactly what we came here to do; we will be practicing medicine. Every opportunity, encounter, experience is an opportunity for us to better ourselves, to learn something, whether it be how to perfect a lumbar puncture or how to distract a screaming toddler while they’re having a central line placed, or how to treat everyone you interact with with respect and dignity. EVERY experience is a chance to become ‘superior to your former self.’ I wish that more of my peers felt this way. It definitely would have saved a lot of hurt feelings, crying, and tainted friendships that occurred in recent days.

Bottom line: be sensitive to those around you, don’t assume you deserve anything, and what have you done today to make you a better person?


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