Hip Medial and Lateral Rotators

Medial Rotation – GIT

Gluteus medius AND minimus (innervated by superior gluteal nerve)

Iliacus (innervated by femoral nerve)

Tensor fascia latae (innervated by superior gluteal nerve)

Lateral Rotation – Quacky Princess Sits Only On Silk

Quadratus femoris (innervated by lumbosacral plexus, i.e., a branch so small it doesn’t have a name)

Piriformis (innervated by lumbosacral plexus)

Superior and Inferior gemelli (innervated by lumbosacral plexus)

Obturator internus (innervated by lumbosacral plexus)

Obturator externus (innervated by obturator nerve)

Sartorius (innervated by femoral nerve)


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