Hip Flexors and Extensors

Flexion – RIPS AL

Rectus femoris (innervated by femoral nerve)

Iliopsoas (innervated by spinal nerves and femoral nerve)

Pectineus (innervated by femoral nerve)

Sartorius (innervated by femoral nerve)

Adductor longus..kind of, depending on who you ask [Gray’s 40th ed. says it is]  (innervated by obturator nerve…only adductor part of muscle)

Extension – BAGSS

Biceps femoris (long head is innervated by tibial nerve, and short head is innervated by common fibular)

Adductor magnus (innervated by tibial nerve and obturator nerve)

Gluteus maximus (innervated by inferior gluteal nerve)

Semitendinosus (innervated by tibial nerve)

Semimembranosus (innervated by tibial nerve)


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