Hip Adductors and Abductors

So we came up with these today to help remember which muscles to hip adduction.

Adduction – GAMBL P

Gracilis (innervated by obturator nerve)

Adductor Magnus (innervated by obturator nerve and tibial nerve, because it has an adductor [obt n.] and a hamstring part [tib n.])

Adductor Brevis (innervated by obturator nerve)

Adductor Longus (innervated by obturator nerve)

Pectineus (innervated by obturator nerve)

Abduction – Got Probed There

Gluteus medius and minimus (innervated by superior gluteal nerve)

Piriformis (innervated by lumbosacral plexus, i.e., branch that is too small to have a name)

Tensor fascia latae (innervated by superior gluteal nerve)


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