Celiac Lymph Nodes: Related Organs and other Relationships

So, I decided to look at each group of lymph nodes separately in the abdomen. Look at what arteries they are associated with and what organs those arteries are associated with in order to figure out the flow of lymph. This way the abdomen is a little less overwhelming and hopefully making these relationships will make it easier to remember the lymph.

I outlined the pancreas and the spleen so you have an idea of where we are spatially. Remember the stomach is superficial to these structures and that is pretty much where we are at.

Missing structures from the drawing that also drain into celiac nodes:

esophagus – distal part (supplied by branch of left gastric a.)

duodenum – parts 1 &2 (supplied by branch of common hepatic a.)

greater omentum (supplied by branch of common hepatic a.)

Netters plates: 231, 283, 284, 286 (For corresponding veins: 289. For corresponding nerves: 297-301)

Left gastric artery is associated with the left gastric lymph nodes

Splenic artery is associated with the pancreaticosplenic, splenic, and left gastro-omental (also known as gastroepiploic) lymph nodes   — The left side of the stomach and greater omentum are by the spleen, so this should make sense and the splenic artery follows the deep portion of the body of the pancreas.

Common hepatic artery is a busy body in the foregut. Think about all of the branches it sends off and how many things it supplies blood to. It is associated with a lot (Distal portion of the stomach and the greater curvature, the pancreas, the liver, the gallbladder):

  • right superior pancreatic lymph nodes
  • suprapyloric (above the pyloris) lymph nodes
  • subpyloric (below the pyloris) lymph nodes
  • retropyloric (behind the pyloris) lymph nodes
  • right gastro-omental (also known as gastroepiploic) lymph nodes
  • hepatic lymph nodes

Eventually everything ends up back at the celiac nodes.


One thought on “Celiac Lymph Nodes: Related Organs and other Relationships

  1. You could be the next genius in the medical world if you would just link the celiac function to gluten ataxia, vasculitis, and heart disease. Personally I think you are wasting your time and intellect in medical school. There is a good chance you will become a target if you actually listen to me and proceed to research this. Good luck and thanks for the drawing, it helps.

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